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I want to thank everyone who has taken time out to visit my website & taken an interest in a passion of mine!  I encourage visitors to rate my services & add a testimonial about their experience.

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Cass's Medium Readings Welcomes You

About Cass Paeth

I am proud to be a Channel for Spirits who have passed on to the Other Side.  
" When I first started this Spiritual journey, I was oblivious to how connections with  departed souls could be made.  After research and workshops, practice and dedication, I now realize the importance of closure and healing process.  After we lose loved ones, healing is important for both parties involved. "
As a Channel, I facilitate meetings, energetically and assist in receiving answers, information, and responses.  I bring clear messages through words, emotions, images, road maps, signs and songs.  Most importantly, I seek to facilitate, a solid validation from the Other Side.
My personal goal is to become the vessel bringing through higher energies.  The purpose behind the connections, to rekindle and reunite you with your loved ones.  In developing my natural gift and aligning with my higher purpose, I have accepted and embraced assisting others.  My guarantee to you: To go above and beyond, raising vibrations and opening a pathway, for messages to be heard!

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Details involved Cass's Medium Readings

About the reading --
The meaning of the message you receive may or may not be instantly clear to you.  Write it down.  Evaluate and give it time to resonate. 

Before the reading --Be equipped with pen and paper and a quiet environment.  Have 1-3 departed souls you desire to contact.  Open your energy, heart, and mind. Most importantly, be emotionally ready to receive their responses. 

For clarity, you can give preference to yes/no questions.

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Background and Experience Channeling 

Janet E. Alm - - Founder of the Woo-Woo Gatherings

Jan Alm, author of, Woo-Woo Becoming a Psychic at Fifty, introduced me, in 2017, to my Spiritual gifts.  Jan, with a background of Mediumship, Animal Communication, and Spiritual Channeling, holds a Ph.D. in natural resources management.Working with Jan I learned, "let the spirits have time to speak. We don't always get the complete idea or context, from the Other Side. We need to allow time to ponder and understand the messages."
Jan guided, coached, and nurtured my gift.  I owe my exploration to her encouragement!  In January of 2020, she invited me to do readings for a group of seven of her students.  Afterwards Jan wrote, "Cass shared messages at the Woo-Woo Gathering and her accuracy was amazing.  For example, I asked my deceased Mom if she had any health information for me and Cass mentioned the exact molar for which I'd be getting a root canal the next day!"

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Cost & Preparation 

Monday-Friday anytime after 6pm

All you need: Open ❤ heart & mind & a quiet place 🙏  ☯️ & Paper 📓 & ✏🖊 

Reading Price
 $75.00 for an hour ***$25.00 non refundable deposit when scheduling appointment (to be counted towards reading)

 **no extra cost to personally record sessions**discount opportunities for referrals

Get in Touch

Thank you for your time.  Questions, comments or special requests? I would love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today. 

Eaton Rapids, MI USA

(765) 418-3551

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-- C. G. Ireland 

Absolutely right on!  When Cass did a reading for me, I was floored by the message I received and the details she gave me in validating my loved one's presence.  She was able to channel clear messages from the spirit world through images that helped me make necessary changes I needed at the time.  Specific information, such as arrows pointing to the left, signposts, and spelled out words to questions, helped me take action.  It wasn't just a normal reading, it was much more!  There was a real sense of my loved one right next to me helping me and filling me with comfort!  Truly amazing connection.  So good that I wanted to do another reading immediately afterward because of the peace and healing I experienced.  I highly recommend Cass to do a reading for you.  You won't go to anyone else after her!  She's just that accurate. -- C.G. Ireland


Janet Alm, PhD

Cass is a natural and talented Medium.  With minimal guidance in one workshop, she immediately grasped the process and embraced her ability to recognize and receive messages from Spirit.  She has a rare ability to set aside her own thoughts and let Spirit come through.  She constantly receives information that she could not have possibly known in advance.  Beyond all that, Cass is a delightful, positive, and loving person.  I highly recommend her and her Spirit work! -- Jan Alm, PhD


C. Wheeler

I am so thankful for you and the messages you gave me. The reassurance and validation I received will carry me. You are gifted and I am one happy girl right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


Sherry A.

I appreciate you so much! You are a breath of fresh air and I needed this! You eased my mind!
Everything was perfectly said and the message was exactly what I needed. Thank you for helping me. To be the best possible happy me! I appreciate you taking the time for me and I’m sending you lots of love and hugs your way!


Skyler Z

This was my first serious reading and she made me feel comfortable and at ease from the start! Everything that came through helped confirm that I am protected  and guided always from spirits! I have gained confidence and peace from this session! Thank you Cassie!!!☺️🤩


Jordan Gebhard

Absolutely loved my session. Cass amazing. I felt comfortable with speaking directly to spirit with her supporting me, she did great interpreting, and even opened up my mind to trying to connect on my own during the times spirit told me they're most receptive. It revived my faith, and gave me great comfort. Due to spirits lack of time, we went over. Cass was fully engaged, committed, and well paced through out. Leaving comfort and a peace of mind. Not only have I recommended her to friends I will most definitely come back. :)


Aaron Sherman

I came across Cass on a Facebook post and thought it couldn't hurt to book an appointment with her. I am so happy that I did. She was able to channel messages from a loved one that brought so much calm and genuine laughter to us. 
I would 100% recommend Cass.Would recommend?Yes

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